Lectures with the hat in the centre of interest

Suitable for big and small societies, birthday parties or partner programs.
Can be given in the Dutch -, English – or German language..

Items being discussed are:

  • Is the hat returning in streetlife again?
  • Wearing a hat, is it elegant, arrogant or a statement?
  • Etiquette and manners with and without a hat.
  • How do I find the hat that suits me best?
  • The history of headgear widely explained from religious to baseball- cap.
  • handcraft millinery trade.
  • In her lectures Hillegonda brings millinery tools along, but also a lot of hats.
  • At the end of the lecture there is always time to try a hat on your own head. This is always surprisingly smashing!

















Ready to wear and haute mode Hillegonda Hoogvliet Hats Drachtster hooiweg 37a 9213 VG De Wilgen Holland
tel +31 512 524 764 email hillegonda.a@tiscali.nl 

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